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Bella Richards (AKC Glynnfarm La Belle Finie) is a Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog. Her housemate is Beau. As of July 1997, Bella has come to stay with Eric and Susan Richards.

Latest Pictures

Welcome to Your New Home
Susan and Bella, shortly after Bella arrived to her new home.
Start of Hike
Susan, Beau, and Bella starting a hike in Washington Park
Head shots:one, two, and three
Beau and Bella pausing during a park hike
Hike Pause
Susan and Bella resting.
Side View
Side view of Bella against the Winter Garden.
Beau and Bella playing and goofing around
Backyard play time.
Oy, my back itches!
Bella, on her back, rubbing away in the grass.
We're All Comfy
Susan, Bella, and O'Malley the kitten resting.

Eric J. Richards