Beau and Bella

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Beauregard and Bella Richards are Great Pyrenees Mountain Dogs. They are owned by Eric and Susan Richards. If you enjoy this page and would like to say hi, feel free to send us some e-mail. Find other dog web sites in a book that includes Beau's & Bella's: Dogs on the Web

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Beau, the Bubble Slayer In Action
Beau loves chasing bubbles.
Watch out, Bella!
Beau up in the air with Bella watching.
"I have you now!"
The instant before Beau dispatches this bubble.
Lift Off!
Off the ground, in the air, out of the picture.
Various pictures of the two in action.
I'm gonna get you, Boy!
Beau trying to out-scoot Bella.
Snow! Ya-Hoo!
Composite of Beau in action.
Oy, my back itches!
Bella, on her back, rubbing away in the grass.
Strike a Pose Ah, Nature!
Some still life...
Good Pose!
Beau grins for the camera while sitting on the deck.
"Could I do any wrong?" (B&W)
Out and about in Oregon and Washington
Cool Waters of June Lake
Beau cooling down in June Lake (Mt. St. Helen's, Washington).
Beau and Jim at Sandlake
Beau and Jim underneath a deep blue sky at Sandlake.
Portland Puppy Days
Around the Town
Beau Fountain
Susan and Beau at a PSU fountain during a downtown Pyr Walk.
Two heads are better, right?
Susan and Beau at the same fountain the next weekend.
Little Beau...
Rock snoozzz
Little Beau asleep on the cool, cool rocks...
Milk Jugs!!! On the trot and on the side!
Back when a milk jug was big and drug the ground!
Susan & Beau
Susan and a too cute Beau (standing tall)
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